Collide-ya-scope is an exhibition that utilises data and technology to explore art criticism and allow people to join part of a silent discussion about art. The images are of a piece of abstract art and a 3D model of an exhibition, the exhibition is split into 2 sections.
People facing the artwork will find a podium with a touch screen standing in front of it. Users are able to interact with the artwork on the touch screen. data from where they touch or draw during this interaction will be used to develop a shared heat map of the artwork. Adjacent to the artwork area is a second area with another screen and podium. Here you can input words relating to the artwork and evaluate the collective data of others who have viewed the work. The second screen displays the heat map and a community word cloud.
The artwork for the exhibition was created in response to the notoriety that abstract art has for being difficult to understand. The piece was created in an abstract style with the intention of splitting opinion. The aim is to provide a deeper level of interaction with art and to encourage reflection through shared experience.