Body Shaming is an AR art exhibition that helps highlight the negativity towards different body shapes online. The Artwork displays contrasting body shapes; the reason for this is to show that each body type receives negativity. Other than the different body shapes silhouettes. ‘Saying your size defines your happiness’. is also displayed in the art exhibition. Referring to if you gain or lose weight, you will be happier. This statement is false. The red paint on top of the artwork says love yourself, spreading body positivity in real life. In contrast, the AR reality highlights the negativity online.

Although body-shaming is not exclusively an online issue, the internet makes it a lot easier to spread hateful comments, meaning users can comment on anyone’s post expressing their opinions of someone’s body without backlash due to the user being anonymous as well as not seeing how the negative comments directly affect the user.

AR was the best technology for showing this topic the best because of its very visual technology, with users having easy access to the AR technology using their mobile phone. The technology used in Unity to exhibit the artwork. Unity was the best program for making 3D animated posters that the user could get easy access too.

Overall, the reason for choosing this topic is to bring awareness to the negativity online and show how these comments effect real people. The negative comments used throughout the artwork are real comments commented on creators’ posts.