Interactive Map Experience

Caithness Audio Guide is an Interactive map experience that gives the user information on a particular place when they interact with its label on the map by tapping it. This triggers a recorded narration to play through the connected speaker with information about the selected location. Caithness is a popular tourist destination on the North Coast of Scotland; however, Covid-19 and travel restrictions have stopped many people from visiting this year. Caithness Audio Guide is about giving these people key information about the places and things in Caithness that they’d like to know more about, as if they were actually there experiencing it in person. This can help plan their future trip to the County. It can also be used by anyone who is generally just interested in learning about a new place. The interactivity works by using a touch board microcontroller set up on the back of the map’s board. Each location is connected to its own electrode on the touch board by using wires and other conductive materials such as paperclips which are pushed through the board, making a connection with the location labels that are wrapped in tinfoil. This means that when a label is tapped, the touch board receives the information and plays the appropriate audio track.