Personalised Art Generator

P.A.G. is an interactive web-based application that allows participants to interact with a sentient and friendly A.I. who is tasked with creating a unique poster tailored to the User. The participant will get to engage with a short questionnaire that will let the A.I. get to know certain traits about the individual. After it has collected this information, it will be used to generate an A4 poster for the participant that they can then save or print out. Each poster is completely unique, and changes based on the User’s inputs as well as certain elements being randomly generated each time. The posters utilise QR Codes as well as Spotify codes to give the user rabbit holes to explore and music that has been recommended by P.A.G just for them. Participants will hopefully feel more likely to engage with the music and links as P.A.G has learned things about them, which makes it feels more personal. The goal of this project is to explore the ability computers have to be creative and to inspire conversations about what classifies something as art and the role computers can have to help aid creativity. P.A.G was developed using p5 and Javascript.

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