AR fantasia: An Immersive Virtual World

Explore the world from a new perspective. Recline on a beach cabana from your living room, travel into the tall trees, and find the end of the rainbow from the comfort of your own surroundings.

AR fantasia uses 360 degrees augmented reality technology to allow users to explore the sentience of the nature that surrounds us, from wherever the user is located. This technology makes way for children and young adults worldwide to watch their AR surroundings react to their every movement, touch, and proximity. Riddles, tasks, and educational facts can be found throughout the AR world, encouraging users to learn, engage with and create new relationships with everyday nature; both in the AR world and the real world that surrounds them. Whilst the forest scene that ‘comes to life’ upon user entry engulfs the user into the AR experience, the beach view allows users to experience two different worlds: just a door apart.

With scene – selected, interactive audio, and a fully enclosed barn-to-beach portal; this is an ultimate, user-engaging immersive experience.

Scan the QR code provided or visit to watch live, and learn a new world.