Aura Seeing Eye

The work is influenced by the work of parapsychology in investigating how to harness technology to reveal and evidence the unseen electromagnetic energy of the user, also known as an Aura. The device not only reveals the Aura surrounding the user but identifies and interprets that data to reveal their unique personality traits. Through interacting with the device, the user can gain insight and examine their own character. The intention is to prompt a discourse into how we self-identify our behaviour, and whether we align with those calculated traits based on our self-awareness or subconscious.

As society becomes increasingly dependent on digital content, new age philosophies are finding new audiences through social media channels. The transference of ancient spiritual practices to the digital realm is fascinating to examine, with newer generations embracing these self-analytical exercises, are they truly searching to gain personal insight or a quick entertaining distraction?

Built in Scratch, the Aura Seeing Eye utilises a palm reading sensor and highly sensitive spectral camera to detect and capture an a visual representation of the participant’s Aura, which is displayed on a screen alongside the defined traits.