Throughout the website and the book, several illustrations act as queues for AR. When following the instruction of viewing the AR, users will be able to uncover hidden layers.

For the robot illustration a hidden human layer is revealed and vice versa. This is to illustrate the constant fading of boundaries between humans and robots and how Artificial Intelligence is constantly evolving and becoming more and more ‘sentient’.

The AR works on the book as well as the website, referencing back to blurring the lines between what is real and what is virtual.

When using the AR on the book cover, the link to the website is revealed enabling readers to view the online version of the book.

Instructions for the AR: In order to activate the following experience, Instagram has to be downloaded on your phone, use this link to scan the Blue illustration of the robot and the following link to scan the book cover. Locate the target image using your phone and make sure that the entire image is covered and that there’s no light contrasting the target image. As soon as the target is found, the hidden layer will be revealed alongside the link to the website.