Figurehead is an explorative piece around the theme of sentient. The piece focuses on awareness, the piece is focused on the British royal family and aims to create a unique and sometimes morbid experience for those who view it.

Figurehead is a physical “money box” which depicts different ceremonies and scandals the royal family have gone through during the queens’ reign, and by picking up and interacting with the box different audio clips, the playback speed of said audio clips and video will be shown to the user.
The box utilises a Java program and a Max 8 patch in tandem with an accelerometer to create an experience for the user. The program and patch both utilise the accelerometer to randomly generate the audio and video clips from a collection to create a unique viewing experience for each user. The audio playback speed is also randomly generated by utilising the same accelerometer.

If viewing the piece in person it is heavily recommended to, after experiencing it personally, write any thoughts or feelings onto a small piece of paper provided and put it into the slot on the physical device.