This project is called Harmony, which is a 360° interactive audio experience that transports the user into various soundscapes. By utilising first order ambisonics and 3D video technology through the YouTube video player, the user can rotate their head allowing them to explore the sonic environment. Harmony is fully accessible to anyone with just a smartphone and headphones as well as being fully compatible with Virtual Reality headsets (VR). Participating users should hold the smartphone to their forehead, allowing the device to track the direction being faced. The users are encouraged to close their eyes to be fully immersed in the sonic environment. By rotating their head, they can explore the soundscape and respond to Harmony as it develops and changes.

The intention of Harmony is to present a series of unbiased soundscapes for the user to experience, feel and perceive the differing environments without influence. Harmony will place the user in varying urban and rural environments, with the sounds correlating to the specific locations.