Simon Suffers

In Buddhism, sentient-beings are defined as all living things subject to illusion, suffering and grief. Dr Elisabeth Kübler-Ross proposed in 1969 that the 5 ‘stages’ that one experiences when going through grief were: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. To showcase this definition in a technological medium, we have created Simon Suffers.

Meet Simon; a grieving being who would rather not talk about his feelings.

Directly inspired by the 80’s family favorite Simon Says, Simon Suffers is a memory game like no other. Starting with normality, you will guide him through the five stages of grief to find peace – work through denial, sustain through anger, resist in bargaining, beat depression, and help him come to acceptance.

Through each stage of Simon’s grief, the escalating levels evolve to show his emotional state.

Each level contains 4 rounds within them, with the full experience spanning 24 rounds.

Be there for him. Grieve together.

To view a brief introduction to the experience, the QR code attached will take you to the introductory video in which Simon explains the game and lets you know how to get started. A showcase of the experience functioning fully is available to view on the website.